Cinematography Assignment

Cinematography Assignment

A rather experimental piece aiming to recreate a comedic scene into a horror one through use of typical genre cues.

Chiefly inspired by modern horror killer type of movies such as “A Nightmare on Elm Street”(1984); in my version I wanted to explore a typical confrontation scenario – the girl’s friend ending up overpowered by the antagonist.

I remade the opening into a high paced chasing sequence to involve the viewer by using the following cues. Using close-ups and handheld cam I bring them closer to the characters. The high-angle aims to establish a sense of being hunted. Not revealing the antagonist at the start and having only a voice over creates suspense. Employing negative space, distortion of space, confined shots and dutch angles serves to enhance unsteadiness.

I aimed to portray the antagonist as a dark and powerful figure through upshots and contrasting his eye light to that of other characters – the dark circles emphasizing his lifelessness. His supernatural powers – the sudden jumps in space (derived from the original clip) even further mess around with special relationships.

The piece relies on sounds and music as well to build up the tension and progress the story. I have also played with color to give it a certain aesthetic feel.


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